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In this week’s Edition:

Big Story : 199 million users of Roblox

3D : is the Growth Story of 2020-21

Immersive News : Audi, Apple, Microsoft & more

By Harold Raichur

Roblox (Credits: pymnts )

We will see a shift in the way people play, work, learn or simply hang out in 2021. Some of these connections will move into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly get together and interact in millions of 3D virtual experiences.

This quote is from a certain Mr David Baszucki & there are two big reasons why you will take him seriously.

The first one is obvious…

In this week’s Edition:

Big Story : AR & VR Growth Status

Experience : VR fitness games & programs

Case-Study : VR for the travel Industry

Product Launch : Moverio AR Smart Glasses

By Harold Raichur

Big Story : The growth curve of AR & VR

Credits: Inter IKEA Newsroom

A good marketer sells a product to a customer.

A great marketer keeps the customer interested after the sale & aims to develop a long-term relationship.

This is what IKEA achieved when they created a digital AR app store & gave the app to millions of their customers.With …

In this week’s edition

Big Picture: 3D Avatars, Metaverse & 3D Strategy

Big Problems: Discovers Virtual Solutions

Tech Startup: Eyejack

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3d Avatars, Metaverse & 3d Strategy

If you are the key decision maker in marketing, branding, fashion , product design, engineering, architecture, real estate etc then these questions need your immediate attention.

Do you know why 3D avatars will represent you & your brand in the virtual world.

Have you heard of the term Metaverse & the evolving nature of this parallel universe.

Are you aware that in the near future ‘Head of 3D Strategy or ‘3D Strategist’ will be…

Hi There, relaunch of this newsletter on Medium & other news

First an update,

This newsletter is not new, for a year or so on LinkedIn it was called “FridayFive- BEST of the week gone by in AR/VR/MR/3D/AI & Games”. The format is still the same, what has changed is its location to Medium from LinkedIn & it gets a brand new name & logo.

You will find the last LinkedIn appearance of this newsletter here

So, Without taking much more of your time, let us begin the newest edition of this newsletter.

— — — — — — —…

Image Credits: TheWild

XRB WIRE : AR/VR/3D/Game/AI insights for decision makers- 44

In Today’s Edition :

Big Story 1: Emergence of 3d VR Collaboration & Design Online Platforms

Big Story 2: Why are Fashion Brands & Marketers interested in Games

VR Apps: Fitness, Stress Relief & Soft Skills Training

by Harold Raichur

Advent of 3d VR Collaboration & Design Platforms

AR / VR for design projects isn’t about features, it’s about the ability to Design, build, iterate, test & deploy architectural projects.

Every year 3D technologist & developers explore new set of possibilities that may lead to entire new categories.

When I started my career in the late 90’s, 3D was synonymous with architectural renderings & walk-through. …

Digital Transformation Journey : XR Bound


Right now, the world is still in the grip of Covid.

Even now, countries large and small are struggling to control the pandemic.

In every country, some communities & sections of society have been hit more than others.

Unfortunately, one of those sections are small businesses across the world.

In Today’s Edition :

Big Story 1: Digital Transformation for Small Business

Big Story 2: Visual Commerce & AI

by Harold Raichur

Major international publications ( The Guardian , Bloomberg Quint etc ) have reported how large corporations thrived at the expense of small businesses during the pandemic .

Business Insider identified three reason…

Good Afternoon, According to a recent McKinsey Global Survey for IT Strategy , more than half of respondents said that technology transformations have lifted revenues, reduced costs, and improved employee experiences.

Key point this report makes is- Investments in the broader use of advanced technologies supports greater value creation.

And the key theme for 2021 is “ Invest to Save

In Today Edition:

Unity : Post 2020 impact & Immersive Technologies trends for 2021

Case Studies : Volkswagen, Siemens, Burberry

Unity : Digital Experiences In The ‘Physical World’

by Harold Raichur

Photo by Laurens Derks on Unsplash

Unity Software has recently published a post 2020 impact report with contributions…

In this week’s edition

Big Picture: the role of AR/VR/MR to assist medical professionals, doctors & surgeons.

Case Study: Virtual Fashion Boutique

Tech Startup: Moho Vision

— — — — — — — — — —

Immersive Technology & healthcare

Let me start with a question

Can VR really help you meditate?

This article in the WIRED magazine says we can indeed meditate with the help of virtual reality.

But the question lingers,

Can immersive tech help us get better in case of a medical situations much more complex than meditation.

Earlier in this newsletter I had written about NEURO VR a VR healthcare start-up building virtual /augmented…

This post is a summary of the technical challenges & solutions for a multi-brand shopping store chains initial foray into virtual mirrors systems.

The hardware was a combination of Microsoft Kinect & Android box powered virtual mirror. To begin with we didn't own a Kinect but that wasn't a problem though the client was willing to give us the device which we declined.

Part 1- Clothes fitting (Draping)

  • The cloth mesh is created as per a reference avatar i.e. they fit perfectly for a specific mesh, which is here on referred to as ‘Reference Avatar’ or RA.
  • As the clothes are modeled to fit the…

Playing tennis with AI opponent in VR

This VR experience was used to showcase the clients new products & technologies. They commissioned this project for their annual mega event which played host to large no of visitors from fortune 500 companies in the US. Later on this project was further developed for promotions at sports events.

Project Brief:

Develop a VR experience to showcase new technology product for sports industry at the company’s annual conference in the US.

The company wanted their users to experience the working of an under development software technology product for sporting events & facilities with the aid of virtual reality.

VR headset…

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